Living in a Suitcase

I can’t help but feel like a rock star on a concert tour. Since Kyle has a service job in Indianapolis (around 4 hours from our sweet town in Michigan), we are happily forced to live in a hotel – for free – for an entire week. We go home every weekend and then drive back here again. The road trip isn’t so bad though because he still gets reimbursed for gas and paid for the hours he was driving. Nope, we don’t mind this arrangement at all!

So how nice is this hotel called Comfort Suites? Does it live up to its name “Comfort”?

Comfort Suites in Carmel, Indiana

Well, it’s only been my second week here but I do like it! Kyle does not get to spend time here as much as I do – which is a pity – because the combination of a big, soft bed and cable TV may be hard to resist even for the most hardworking Noah.

Our Indiana Nest

I certainly don’t mind burying myself under the covers of this bouncy king-size bed. After the hotel breakfast, I always end up here on the bed watching TV – and now blogging. I try to keep myself from taking naps but it’s so hard especially after lunch. =P

What I like even better about this room is the wall partition that separates the bedroom from the sitting room. Somehow it makes me sleep better not having to see the main door as we sleep.

The Sitting Room

Isn’t it great that there’s another TV in the sitting room? The couch can’t beat the bed though, so we still choose to watch TV in the bedroom. But hey, it’s nice to have options! (Please ignore the mess; we just got here and I haven’t unpacked properly yet!)

The Little Kitchen

Here’s the closest thing we have to a kitchen – a microwave, coffeemaker and refrigerator. The coffee, tea and cups are from the hotel and the rest of the food is ours – well, sponsored by Kyle’s mom, Lorie. Thanks, mom! 🙂

I didn’t take a picture of the bathroom anymore but it has all the necessities plus a tub, hairdryer and towels. The shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion are complimentary. I’m surprised there’s no disposable toothbrush. Every day, the housekeeper sends us new towels, toiletries and coffee/tea sachets even though we never ask for them. When I ran into the Latina housekeeper one time, I had to tell her we didn’t need replenishment. I’m not talking about just two towels here. It’s a whole set that totals around 10. Ten new towels every day! Not good for the environment. =/

Anyway, it is a great hotel with a strategic location. We are just walking distance from McDonald’s, Taco Bell, TGIF, Applebee’s, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, and many other shops and restaurants. If only it weren’t so cold outside, I probably would have gone to Wal-Mart every day. =)

That’s my take for Comfort Suites. Can’t wait to have some private time with Kyle at the indoor swimming pool this week!


7 thoughts on “Living in a Suitcase

  1. Andrea, what a great idea to blog your experiences. It is interesting to read them. Rob and I travel often and it is awesome to see the experience from new eyes. Also, the tooth brushes are down at the front desk usually; as are many other items. These are the “in case you forgot” items, i.e. razors, tooth brushes, combs etc.

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