Thanksgiving with the Barneses

If you ask me what Thanksgiving reminded me of, I’ll say “turkey, turkey and more turkeys.” This is the time of year when American TV shows revolve around the frenzy involved just to bake that stuffed turkey. Just like me, people outside the US have this impression that it is a must to serve turkey, not chicken, not duck, but turkey on this occasion. Well, on my very first Thanksgiving experience with Kyle’s father’s side of the family, I got what I expected – a huge turkey – and more.

Grandma’s Three-Story House

Thanksgiving Day falls on the fourth Thursday in November, and having Friday as a non-working day too makes a four-day weekend for all individuals to be thankful for. While the rest of North America geared up for the holiday, I went on a road trip with Kyle, dad Mike, brother Josh and Uncle Dave to Canton, Ohio to meet Kyle’s grandma, Aunt Ann and Uncle Rob.

Grandma’s house was very charming and looked like it came straight from an interior design magazine – I kid you not! And much to our delight, Kyle and I were awarded the sweet-looking guestroom with a cozy bed to boot.

Uncle Dave was making fun of me as I took pictures of the house as if I were in a museum. But I do want to blog about my very first Thanksgiving experience, so why not?

In this picture is the dining table where we had our feast, the guestroom, and me in a small day room, which was the room I’ve dreamed of since grade school. I could just imagine myself with my books while lying on that couch, and when tired, I could just kick back and watch my neighbors on the street. Yep, take me out of dreamland now.

I’m a sucker for classic, antique and collectible designs so when I saw the cupboard filled with Santa Claus figurines, it was Christmas to me on a whole new level! I wish I could have taken a picture of each and every one of those delightful statuettes.

Before dinner was served, we were greeted by a table filled with appetizers, which for me, could have made a complete meal already. Amongst all delicious dishes, there were also shrimp and salmon that giddily satisfied the seafood cravings of my taste buds. It was a typical Thanksgiving experience stuffing our face with chips, sausages, pasta, and beer (for the men) as we watched a very close football game between Detroit Lions and Houston Texans. Unfortunately, for the ninth Thanksgiving in a row, the Lions lost due to a controversial decision by the referee. I’ve only started watching football since I got here but that game surely broke my heart. 😦

The next day, commonly known as Black Friday because of the huge deals and discounts in all malls and supermarkets nationwide, we did what an American family should do during a holiday – we visited the McKinley Memorial and Museum. Who cares about a 50% off on laptops if a US president’s tomb is right across the street? More on that on my next blog!

It was only a couple of days spent with Kyle’s extended family but I had a great time laughing at Uncle Dave’s antics during the trip in his beloved Ford F150. Aunt Ann also regaled me with stories about their ancestry and showed us the plans they have for their house. I can’t wait to see the basement after they are done with the entertainment room. Lastly, I got to meet Kyle’s grandma who is a solid great cook and a tough lady!

And lastly, let me introduce two adorable dogs, Possum and Bobby. Bobby may be a small toy dog but he definitely is a big grouch. He growled every time someone asked him to get off the couch. A canine with taste and who never wants to sleep on the hard floor – that’s Bobby for you.

That’s it for my Thanksgiving 2012! Can’t wait for Family Christmas next month!


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