Sledding Fun in Williamston

If there’s one thing that a snow first-timer would want to do besides building snowmen, throwing snowballs, making snow angels, and skiing, it would be SLEDDING! Despite the huge age gap between me and the rest of the sled fanatics at the park, I had to swallow my pride and get on with the show. It was a long time coming and I couldn’t wait to set into action what I only used to daydream about.

Sledding in Williamston

Here’s the sledding hill level 1. Not too steep nor too high for a beginner like me.

Sledding in Williamston

This is the view from the hilltop. The blue house on the right used to be Kyle’s parents’ home!

Sledding in Williamston

Look at how young my co-sledders are!

I mustered the courage to slide down even though I feared I would tip over and break something! The kids who look like they were under five were doing more dangerous stunts (well, dangerous to me, at least) so I knew I had to be braver and bolder. 🙂 I couldn’t keep myself from screaming though, much to my embarrassment. Imagine if it was a full-blown skiing hill, I guess that would be a totally different story.

Anyway, the most important lesson to remember is NOT to put down your feet while going down because it will only make you topple and tip over all the more. Yes, I know this for a fact. And, whatever happens, the snow is a soft landing ground. 🙂

Sledding in Williamston

Look at that long slide there! Scarrryyyy!!!


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