MSU vs Minnesota at Breslin Center

We were just planning to watch the MSU vs Minnesota game at home, like always, when Kyle suddenly got excited about the cheap stadium tickets being sold at Stubhub, which were only four bucks a piece. Naturally, they weren’t front-and-center seats, but Kyle knew how much I’d wanted to go to the Breslin Center to watch a basketball game live, so with our hands literally shaking, we booked the tickets as fast as Lance Armstrong on steroids!

Breslin Center

Breslin Center – Home of the MSU Spartans Basketball Team (Photo by Lovelac7, available under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license)

Michigan State University is the eighth largest university in the US. It is located in East Lansing, which is just 15 minutes away from our apartment. MSU is the alma mater of one of the greatest players in NBA history, Magic Johnson. He brought so much glory to the university that they built a monument of him outside the Breslin Center. He still visits the campus now and then to watch basketball games, so you might be lucky enough to see him in person!

Breslin Center

Statue of Magic Johnson at Breslin Center

Inside the stadium, I was expecting mostly teenagers and college students in the audience, but there were also die-hard fans who were parents and grandparents who brought their Spartan-geared kiddos too. In Manila, our college basketball league, UAAP, only has a certain fan base who are either the graduates or the students. It’s a different scenario here in the US because the NCAA (their version of the UAAP) is as popular, if not more, as the NBA.

We walked around the Breslin to check out the food and souvenir stalls before the game started. There were stalls giving away free T-shirts in exchange of your personal info, so even though we knew it was a sales ploy, the free T-shirts with Spartan designs emblazoned on them were worth it.

Breslin Center

Wearing Our New MSU Shirts

We also checked out the trophy shelf displaying the souvenirs from their past championship games and trophies. The coolest one was the 1979 championship game basketball which was used in the most watched college basketball game of all time. This was the game where the Larry Bird and Magic Johnson rivalry was born. Larry Bird played for Indiana State University against MSU’s Magic Johnson, and guess who won? MSU, of course!

Breslin Center

Bench Chair from the 2000 National Championship Game

Breslin Center

MSU has been to the Final Four six times in the last 13 years. The man in the suit, Tom Izzo, has been the Spartan coach for 18 years now. Young Kyle attended his basketball camps for seven years.

During the warm-ups, I felt a certain giddiness getting to see the MSU players in person even though we were too far away to get a good look of them. Kyle has trained me so much about them I already know the names and jersey numbers of the starting players by heart.

Breslin Center

MSU is in white and Minnesota in red. The audience wearing white are seated at the “Izzone”, the students’ section. They were the loudest and wackiest group that night.

When the Minnesota players were being introduced one by one before the game started, they were bombarded with “Who cares?” shouts from the Izzone who were also pretending to read the newspaper (Yes, they brought props too!). They crumpled the paper into a ball and threw them away to show what they thought of the opponents. Good, clean fun!

Breslin Center

Amazing View of the Stadium

MSU downed Minnesota at a score of 61-50. If they reached the 70-point mark, we would have gotten free tacos from Taco Bell. 🙂 Well, win or lose, we would still be pleasantly satisfied because MSU is Kyle’s favorite team ever and it was my first time to watch a basketball game live ever. It was a great ball game and I know that the MSU team has already found a special spot in the recessive sports fan in me.

Breslin Center

“Basketball is my favorite sport. I love the way they dribble up and down the court.”


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