A Moment in Time Photography

A Moment in Time Photography

A beautiful wedding picture taken by A Moment in Time Photography. Our shooting location was just outside the Brookshire Inn, and from the simple autumn colors in the backdrop, Audra was able to transform it and make it picture perfect!

My wedding would not have been literally immortalized if not for this woman who stepped up and volunteered to be our wedding photographer. Our surprise savior came in the form of Audra Klever Witgen who, despite the freezing weather on the evening of Nov 24th, had taken professional pictures of me and Kyle before the ceremony started.

With our hands and knees shaking, Kyle and I smiled nervously for Audra’s camera — and she was thankfully merciless because she didn’t stop clicking away until she had the best, coveted smile and pose from us. Looking at our pictures now displayed in our living room, I was just so glad that she was able to save many moments of a very important day in my life.

Less than a week after our wedding, she sent us a photo album and CD of all the pictures she took of the ceremony and the party. I very much appreciate her kindness and thoughtfulness, so in today’s blog, I want to share with everyone some tidbits about Audra and her start-up business, A Moment in Time Photography.

WMW: Tell us a bit about yourself.
Audra: I moved here (Michigan) from California after graduating from high school in 1978. I’ve been married for almost 32 years, and have four kids and three grandchildren with the fourth one on the way. I am a 4H leader and am very active in Ingham County’s Horse and Pony projects.

WMW: What is A Moment in Time Photography about? What events have you covered in the past?
Audra: A Moment in Time Photography has grown out of my love of taking pictures and capturing life’s moments that slip away too fast. I just started my business in November of 2012 and am still growing it. So far, I’ve done a senior photo shoot, an engagement/family session, and two weddings.

WMW: How did you start getting into photography? Who or what influenced you?
Audra: I’ve been taking pictures since I had my kids. I didn’t like the traditional school pictures so I did my kids’ pictures. I am not sure if anyone has influenced me. I just love taking pictures and want to be able to share the world as I see it.

WMW: Is it now your full-time career or a hobby?
Audra: I would like it to become a full-time career, but at the moment, it’s going slowly. I mainly take outdoor photographs right now.

WMW: What do you do to gain more knowledge and skill in photography?
Audra: I am always reading articles on the Internet, and I am hoping to be able to take a couple of classes at the Camera Shop in Lansing this spring/summer.

WMW: Why is photography important to you?
Audra: I love sharing the world through my eyes. I want to be able to give a family something that they can pass on to the next generation. I want to be able to share a special moment and to be able to look at that picture years from now and remember the event.

WMW: What makes a good photographer in your opinion?
Audra: I think a good photographer has to be able to give what the client wants at a reasonable price but still be able to make a living. They need to know their client and know what’s going to work to get the best photos.

WMW: What do you enjoy shooting the most?
Audra: Besides my kids and grandkids, I think the things I love shooting are horses and horse shows. I love taking that perfect picture of a horse and a rider running the barrels. (Barrel-racing is an event at the rodeos. Mostly girls run the barrels while the guys do the bull-riding.) I also love to take photos of old barns.

WMW: Do you believe in the expression, “Cameras don’t lie”?
Audra: I guess at one time I would have to say yes, but with the new digital photography, you can pretty much change the way a person looks or doesn’t look.

WMW: How can people contact you if they are interested in your services?
Audra: They can find me on Facebook under A Moment in Time Photography of Williamston, or they can send me an email.

Here are some more photos by A Moment in Time, which show Audra’s eye for beauty and versatility.

A Moment in Time PhotographyA Moment in Time PhotographyA Moment in Time Photography


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