Landing in Los Angeles

It’s been raining and storming in Williamston, Michigan almost every day that Kyle and I just couldn’t wait for our California vacation to start. On the day we were to fly off, storm and tornado warnings were all over the weather reports. Definitely didn’t set off the right mood for a stress-free holiday. Our flight was delayed for two hours and we were stuck inside the airplane without any choice but to sit and wait in a box. Thanks, Delta, for not even offering us any drinks while we were sitting uncomfortably and listening to the loud wailing and screaming of two toddlers. :/

Anyway, to make the tedious five-hour flight short, we made it safely to sunny California!! My mother arrived half an hour before us so my brother, Allan, had to work double time to get from one terminal to another. Poor but happy guy. πŸ™‚

California vacation

Here’s Kyle lounging in the living room with an emotionally attached dog, Pixie, by his side.

The drive on the freeway was a shocking and scary experience for me because there were five lanes in one road with speeding cars. I was surprised to feel homesick right away because I always thought of myself as someone who would appreciate the city.

Allan, together with his Filipino friends, took us to a Korean restaurant, All That Barbecue, which offers an eat-all-you-can menu for $20 per diner. Just order the meat and grill it right on your table! I did see a sign, though, that says there is a two-hour limit for every table. Hmm. Not sure I like that. πŸ™‚








Korean food is one of the best in Asia and, even though I stay away from their spicy dishes, I still love their vegetable sides and sweet sauces. I wolfed down the beef and chicken meat with the rice and by the time I was done, I was so ready to go home. Kyle ate some very tentatively and liked the beef brisket. But his “red-alert” senses rose when Allan offered him a plate of ox tongue. I guess I should have mentioned that besides seafood, Kyle also doesn’t eat exotic food — which is unfortunately 50% of Asian cuisines. (The other half is seafood.)

Since Filipinos love to fill up our tummies until we can’t walk, we drove again across the long highway to a shopping complex with another Korean restaurant. But this time, we were there for the dessert. I couldn’t eat those delectable ice cream and fruit and ice shavings wholeheartedly because my stomach was already stretched to the max. Kyle’s and my mom’s, too! Anyway, Kyle and I shared a cup of Thai milk tea that I’ve been missing for so long. It’s the best!





Guppy House

Desserts at Guppy House!

I told Kyle that it’s an Asian thing to eat and eat when in a gathering. Beer is optional and may not always make a presence during the meal. He is a tad bit culture shocked, I think. Well, he married an Asian! πŸ™‚


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