Cruisin’ on the Pacific Coast

Not everyone is a fan of road trips for understandable reasons. It can be a pain to sit, especially with a seat belt on, in a cramped vehicle for hours on end. But what if the car window’s view is a great blue ocean on one side and rolling green hills on another. Wouldn’t it be worth the sacrifice of a sore butt?

My answer is a resounding yes! To see what we’ve seen along the highway humbles me on how incredibly beautiful this world can be. Known as the All-American Road, the 123-mile Pacific Coast Highway stretches along the California coast, giving a wide, perfect view of the Pacific Ocean. It’s incredible how this winding highway on a cliff connects many towns and counties from north to south. From Orange County to Santa Barbara, I think it took us at least four hours not counting our stopovers.

Pacific Coast Highway

I wish pictures would be enough to give justice to the scenic landscape on the highway. Whenever I took pictures and checked the shots, I felt disappointed that they didn’t turn out as how I actually saw it.

Pacific Coast Highway

Beyond those trees is the great Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Coast Highway

Probably having the best view in the world, houses and buildings are sprawled out on the hills and mountains along the Pacific Coast.

Of course, would we let the ocean that was within our arms’ reach get away? You know the answer to that. We stopped over at Verona Beach for a quick dip and a lot of picture-taking that would put runway models to shame.

Verona Beach

So we found out that the freezing ocean water wasn’t worth the hypothermia, so the full-body dip was scratched from the agenda.

Verona Beach

Mom and I enjoying the sea breeze and the sand under our feet

Verona Beach

Look behind us and you’ll see surfers waiting for the next big wave.

It was an amazing day and Kyle and I were so tempted to just lie down on the sand and scrap the rest of the trip. I guess this is what sun-deprivation could do to you. After strolling on the entire stretch of the Verona Beach, we jumped back into Allan’s truck for two more hours of driving to Santa Barbara. More on that on my next blog!

Verona Beach

Am I too heavy for Kyle?


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