From the OC to the Long Beach

Allan had to work that day and even though he was very willing to lend Kyle his truck so we could get around, we chose not to because California traffic is way more congested and confusing than Michigan’s–well, at least to us. Anyway, there’s already a lot to explore around the neighborhood, and by “explore”, I mean the swimming pool and hot tub! All winter long, we had waited for a chance to hop into cold water under the hot, scorching sun and now the time has finally come!

Allan lives in a condominium community in Yorba Linda, Orange County, built on and surrounded by tall hills. It has a magnificent view of lush, landscaped greenery and the bustling city below. The former house of Arnold Schwarzenegger is also within viewing distance and is situated right on top of the tallest hill there.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's former house on Yorba Linda

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s former house in Yorba Linda

Yorba Linda, California

We can’t help but take pictures in front of other people’s houses!

The thing about having your own pool is that it’s free and always available, but you seldom use it unless you have guests. So the pool was just lying there, waiting to fulfill its purpose. πŸ™‚

Yorba Linda, California

Ready for our first dip!

Yorba Linda, California

This is a jacuzzi but we didn’t know there was a switch to turn on the air blowers!

Afterwards, it was time for lunch but one small thing about the area is that you have to drive in order to get to the nearest store. So my busy-bee brother picked us up at home and we headed to In-N-Out for some all-American meal of burger and fries. Then instead of going back home, we thought it’d be better to spend the afternoon outdoors. I wanted to rest and conserve my energy for all our trips in the coming days, but then, I would be in California for less than two weeks only so why not make the most of it?

He took us to Brea Mall, and even though it was still office or school hours on a weekday, the parking lot was full and people were all over the stores and food court! For Asians, that’s no big deal because we are known to be mall rats, but in our small-town Meridian Mall in Michigan, it closes as early as 6 pm so that says a lot about the number of visitors on a weekday–and even on Sundays.

Brea Mall

After circling the mall a dozen times, we rested on many of their comfy seats and went back around again!

Brea Mall

Brea Mall in Orange County

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

We couldn’t resist having some drinks at the nearest bar, Lazy Dog. Guests can dine with their pets at the patio.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

We gave their homemade brews a try, but next time, we’ll just stick to our good ol’ Bud.

We thought the day would end there, but how wrong we were. Allan’s boss, Oscar, and his girlfriend Emilie, thoughtfully invited us to their place in Long Beach, two hours away from us. Man, was that a long drive. There was a Toyota Grand Prix held downtown, and weren’t we so lucky to arrive right when it had just ended. The party atmosphere was just starting, though, so there were still hordes of people around having a good time. We liked downtown Long Beach, and we wished we could have seen the bay area during the day.

Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California

My mom and brother together with Oscar and Emilie

Long Beach, California

If ever we went back to Oscar’s place, we’d make sure to bring our swimsuits to experience that tempting heated pool. Yes, heated. Transport that to Michigan, please!

We were dead tired on our way home that I almost wished we took a full afternoon nap before going to Long Beach. But then, swollen feet and sleep deprivation are part of the tour package! And no matter how fatigued I get, I know I can always get my strength back just by the thought of traveling again. πŸ™‚


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