The Sweet Beauty of Santa Barbara

After a stopover on Verona Beach, we drove a few hours more on the Pacific Coast Highway to Santa Barbara. Old and historical architectures have always caught my eye, and Santa Barbara offers these as their top tourist attractions. Sandwiched between the picturesque Pacific Ocean and the steep Santa Ynez Mountains, the beauty of Old Town, Santa Barbara is the mixture of the past and the present. Without getting rid of the old buildings, they enhanced and modernized them, making us feel like we time-traveled to the Spanish period but with a modern flair.

Santa Barbara, California

We are about to explore Santa Barbara! This clock marks the entrance to Old Town, Santa Barbara, California.

Teeming with a vibrant atmosphere, Old Town is one of the most visited places in Santa Barbara. It is a long strip of restaurants, souvenir stores, world markets and historic theaters, as well as a Spanish-inspired Macy’s department store.

Santa Barbara, California

Who would think that this building is actually a Macy’s department store?!

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, California

A Scientology church! Like a bookstore, they have a window display of L. Ron Hubbard’s books on its origin. There’s also a sign that directs you where to take personality tests and seminars. Kyle doesn’t want to be seen near that place ….

Santa Barbara, California

I want these couple shirts but Kyle passionately objects!

Santa Barbara, California

For just 50 cents a trip, the electric shuttle will take you up and down Old Town so you won’t have to walk!

From Old Town, we headed to Stearns Wharf, a deep-water pier over the Pacific Ocean and is the oldest working wharf in California. Just by the amazing view, we couldn’t resist not sitting down for a while and just take in the ocean breeze and the delightful scenery. We didn’t think of dipping in the ocean, though, because by the time we got here, the strong, cold wind had picked up and just discouraged us to even feel the water.

Santa Barbara, California

One side is for the cars and the other is for the pedestrians. Cars can pass on this pier so they can park closer to the waterfront restaurants.

Santa Barbara, California

Don’t look at us! Look at the panoramic view behind us!

Santa Barbara, California

You are not just paying for your food in this restaurant, but also the view.

The day doesn’t end here! Another two-hour drive and we arrived in California’s own version of Copenhagen, Solvang!


4 thoughts on “The Sweet Beauty of Santa Barbara

  1. yaya SB is awesome! (my hometown). If you guys are anywhere near, the first weeks of August marks our fiesta, celebrating the “old spanish days” before Mexican independence when we were a part of spain. It’s great for amazing food and flamenco dancing, and the entire town lights up!

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