A Taste of Danish in Solvang

We made it to Solvang by late afternoon and the long drive was starting to get to us–but we still weren’t ready to call it a day yet! As soon as we entered this charming Danish-influenced city of Solvang, we felt like we were transported to another country, although it is actually still a part of Santa Barbara County. From the towering windmill to the hunger-inducing fragrance of Danish bakeries to the Hans Christian Andersen museum, everything about Solvang depicts the heritage of its Danish founders. In case you’re wondering, Solvang is Danish for “sunny fields”.

Solvang, California

Like a shining beacon, the Danish-styled windmill will welcome you right as you enter the city.

Solvang, California

Majestic Clydesdale horses pull a carriage of tourists around downtown Solvang. Look at how tall they are!

Solvang has three museums and one of them is dedicated to Hans Christian Andersen, author of The Little Mermaid, The Emperor’s New Clothes, and The Ugly Duckling, among others. Do these fairy tales ring a bell to you? Well, Andersen wrote them all plus 156 more stories! Above the Book Loft, a quaint bookstore, is the Hans Christian Andersen Museum which showcases his life and volumes of his books on their first editions.

Hans Christian Andersen Museum

Hans Christian Andersen Museum

Solvang, California

Hans Christian Andersen’s statue

Solvang, California

Those fancy plates contain drawings of scenes from Andersen’s fairy tales. What an awesome collection!

We couldn’t end the day without tasting some desserts from one of the Danish bakeries there. Kyle and I shared a giant cream puff (it was really big), and the hearsay was true–it was delicious and baked with just the right amount of sugar, just the way I like it. 🙂

Solvang, California

We totally recommend the Solvang Bakery for their baked goods! Their name should not be too hard to remember. 🙂

Solvang, California

Enjoying our Danish desserts al fresco!

We took more pictures again around town because I swear everything there was eye-catching. Coupled with the great summer weather they have all year long, Solvang is not a bad place to live even if you’re not Danish. 🙂

Solvang, California

These lovely Danish architecture are picture perfect!

Solvang, California

The Bit O’ Denmark Restaurant is proud to be Solvang’s oldest restaurant. It used to be a school in 1911 and then turned into a restaurant in 1963.

Solvang is not yet a popular destination for foreign travelers, but if you are in California or you are planning to travel to this state, make sure to add Solvang to your itinerary. It is not a busy city but has a laid-back small-town feel to it that will definitely charm any city-dwellers.

And this ends our road trip from the Orange County to Verona Beach to Santa Barbara, and finally, to Solvang! You can’t imagine how tired we were, but kudos to Allan for driving for hours and just stopping during bathroom breaks. Well, there’s a lot more driving, picture-taking, and blogging to come! Next stop is Hollywood! *insert fangirl scream*


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