Williamston Corn Maze & Trail of Terror

Forget about haunted houses and costume parties! Add in a labyrinth-like corn maze and spooky trails to your Halloween traditions!

The corn maze in Williamston starts from Sept. 13 to Oct. 27 and you can enter the 3-mile trail at your own risk. There are optional exits or short-cuts in the maze if you find yourself getting claustrophobic. Just make sure to bring flashlights to see the signs. I missed the maze last year but we are definitely going this year! Hopefully, there won’t be any zombies, Kruegers or Jasons to scare us silly.Corn Maze & Trail of Terror

Another scary amusement for Halloween aficionados is the Trail of Terror, a 1/3-mile haunted trail with 50 twists and turns. It promises to make you jump in terror with its “intense scares and sensory overload”. The haunting starts from Sept. 27 to Oct. 27!

Okay, I’m sold! I hope Kyle walks in front of me the whole time, though! Let me know if you’re going too and we can all go through this self-induced terror together. 🙂

Brought to us by BestMaze. Check out their Facebook page for promos and more info.

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Andrea Barnes shares with you the latest events and promos around Ingham County! Follow her on Twitter and Google+.

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