Summer Kickoff at Timberlake Resort Campground

My husband’s grandmother, Grandma Judy, used to own a cabin at the Timberlake Resort Campground in Mears, MI. She sold it a couple of years ago and Kyle was so disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to see where he spent happy summers since he was a kid. So imagine his (and my) surprise when his uncles, Dan and Mike, invited us over to the same campground to spend the long Memorial Day weekend. 

Timberlake Resort Campground Isn’t that a sweet cabin? It’s a tiny log house but it has a loft bedroom, small bedroom with two double-deck beds, a futon, a small bathroom, and a small kitchen. What else could we need for a few nights’ stay in the woods? The resort is also just a short drive away from popular attractions, such as the Silver Lake dune rides and the town of Pentwater.

Timberlake Resort CampgroundI guess it would have been great to have a golf cart so it would be much easier and faster to get around the big campground, but I didn’t mind going to Lake Michigan on foot. Who wants to rush anyway during a vacation?

Timberlake Resort CampgroundAnd there it is. Lake Michigan. It seems incredible the massive size of this lake and that just on the other end of the shore are Wisconsin and Chicago.

Timberlake Resort CampgroundThere’s my handsome husband with his Bud Light. I’m so glad to have enjoyed a beautiful sunset with him, and what makes it more special is it’s right on Lake Michigan.

Timberlake Resort Campground

So here’s the thing about Timberlake Resort–it has its creepy area. I don’t mean a serial killer/psycho like Jason chasing all the teenage campers, but a forest-with-hanging-toys kind of creepy.

Timberlake Resort CampgroundThat’s Homer who probably died from his sin of littering. There’s literally hundreds of dolls and stuffed toys hanging all over the tree trunks and branches. The question is–who would even make the effort and for what purpose? No one really knew the story. If you do, leave me a comment and let’s talk. But my own theory is some (weirdly) kindhearted person wanted to make the woods look more inviting to children, and this person probably didn’t know much about kids.

Timberlake Resort CampgroundThose are fake flowers, which can make anyone think that it was an offering for some kid who died there. I don’t know, don’t ask me if it’s true. I have much of a clue as you do.

Timberlake Resort CampgroundThe photos don’t really show the creepiness I’m talking about. But I just don’t want to take photos of sick-looking moldy toys staring at me while walking on the trail. Let’s just move on to happier photos and people!

Timberlake Resort Campground

That’s Jessica and Alyssa, Kyle’s cousins.

Timberlake Resort CampgroundKyle and Uncle Mike are photobombing Craig and Alyssa, Mike’s kids.

Timberlake Resort CampgroundFrom left to right, that’s Cody (Craig’s friend), Brenda (Mike’s wifey) whom I had a pleasant opportunity to talk with and get to know during the weekend, and Blake (Alyssa’s boyfriend).

Timberlake Resort CampgroundThat’s Jessica again with her son Taylor and mom Jane. Taylor just had a heart surgery a couple of weeks ago and is now doing great! What a strong baby!

Timberlake Resort CampgroundAnd last but not the least, the wife and the white man himself! One funny (or I should say, excruciating) thing about our first night in the cabin was we didn’t bring any blankets or beddings. And it was a cold, cold night. I didn’t bring a lot of warm clothes because–isn’t it summer?!! Anyway, I should have known better since we traveled two and a half hours to the north where it would of course be always cooler from where we live. We had to make do with a couple of beach blankets (oh, the irony) and pray for the morning.

Well, at least we know better now! The next day, the first thing we did was to drive to Wal-Mart in Ludington and buy sleeping bags! This is partly good news too because this means we would be making more trips up north! Why waste a pair of brand new sleeping bags, right?!

Anyway, the next day turned out much better for us because we got to visit the charming tourist town of Pentwater, the Sable Pointe Lighthouse, and the sand dunes in Silver Lake!



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