The Enchanting Village of Pentwater, MI

On the first full day of our trip, the first stop is the village of Pentwater, 15 minutes away from our cabin at Timberlake Resort in Mears. Pentwater is a popular tourist mecca not only for Michigan residents but for Chicagoans as well. And who wouldn’t fall in love with Pentwater? Its downtown is right next to Lake Michigan and you can walk right to the beach or dine at a restaurant with a full view of the lake that’s shining like crystal.

Pentwater MIIt’s pretty easy to navigate the downtown, which is just one long stretch of road lined with old buildings, bars, restaurants, souvenir stores, candy shops, etc. You won’t find any fast-food chain around here, and that’s great because everything they offer is entirely homegrown and adds to the local appeal.

Pentwater MI

Pentwater MI

Pentwater Michigan

This is the Silver Hills Antiques at Gustafson’s, a three-storey antique store that’s just brimming with affordable collectibles from past to present. We got Lorie a Lassie magazine from the 1950s for less than $10! I wouldn’t normally enter an antique store but it’s actually a great place to find Michigan souvenirs that wouldn’t cost more than average.Silver Hills Antiques at Gustafson's

Pentwater Michigan

Silver Hills Antiques at Gustafson'sKyle’s sweet tooth couldn’t hold him back so we had to stop by the Cosmic Candy Company for their heavenly ice cream. Besides their icy treats, they also have a multitude of candies of different sizes and shapes and are only found in their store. Popcorn of 30 unimaginable flavors are also available, including raspberry cheesecake, peanut butter, and spicy buffalo wing!

I love that the shop looks like it’s straight from the movie Grease, and I wouldn’t change anything about it! There’s also a penny souvenir machine that we happily added up to our expanding collection.

The Brown Bear is an iconic bar in Pentwater, but we didn’t go in because the balcony seats were already taken. We wanted to take advantage of the sunny weather and the view of the lake so we chose a restaurant with outdoor seating. I think the name was The Village Cafe and Restaurant. We weren’t a big fan of the nachos but we thought we were there for the view anyway!

Pentwater MI

Afterwards, we headed down to the docking area to enjoy the breeze from the lake. The sun was helping to keep the weather warm but being close to the water still makes it chillier. Thus, we still had to bundle up in our sweaters.

Pentwater MIPentwater MIAnd that’s it for our short trip to Pentwater! After this, we thought we were going to head back to the campground. But Kyle decided to be spontaneous (once in a blue moon) and drove us to Silver Lake for some dune adventure!


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