Riding the Dunes in Silver Lake

After the relaxing sightseeing in Pentwater, it’s time for some action on the Silver Lake Sand Dunes! I couldn’t really imagine what a sand dune was like before I had my first dune cruising in Saugatuck a year ago. We are talking about acres and acres of fine beach sand in a place like Michigan. Sand to me is found on deserts or by the sea or ocean.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Well, the Silver Lake State Park consists of 2,000 acres of sand dunes, where thrill seekers can go drive their private or all-terrain vehicles on its rolling hills. We did neither because our old car wouldn’t be able to even climb up the sandy hill. Nevertheless, we still had our own taste of the dunes–thanks to Mac Wood’s Dune Rides. They’re the go-to company for tour rides on the southernmost section of the park. The tour lasts for 40 minutes and runs across 7 miles of the dunes.

Mac Wood's Dune Rides

Since I already experienced the dune trip the first time in Saugatuck, I wasn’t as thrilled anymore here as the first time. We also felt like the tour guide had been too careful(?) with his driving and was not as fast as I liked as we climbed up and down the sandy hills. BUT don’t take it the wrong way. We still did enjoy Silver Lake. Our humorous guide made the trip so much better with his laugh-inducing jokes and trivias. Make sure to sit right next to him to hear him talk about the history of the dunes, the flora and fauna, and other interesting facts about the dunes.

Silver Lake State ParkTree stumps are scattered all over the sandy park, and these were remnants of the thriving logging industry of the town when the area was still a forest. After the big fire in Chicago that burned down entire cities, the townsfolk cut down the trees to rebuild houses and it was good for a while when they were making money. But without trees to hold down the sand, the wind blew the sand and buried the town until it was no more. The name of the town? Are you ready for this? SINGAPORE. I’m not kidding. Here’s the story of Singapore, Michigan in Wikipedia.

Anyway, isn’t it crazy to see these tree remnants in present day?

Silver Lake State Park

And this young man right here was our tour guide/comedian. I hope he doesn’t sue me for posting his photo here. 🙂 Anyway, this is free publicity so come on now.

Mac Wood's Dune RidesThat’s our Red Ride! Four people sit in a row with just one long seat belt to strap everyone down. But don’t let me scare you away! It’s a fun ride that should be in everyone’s bucket list!

Mac Wood's Dune Rides

This guy wasn’t so lucky.

Mac Wood's Dune Rides

Can you see us on the mirror? Of course, we took the best seats for the best view while descending the hills. 🙂

Mac Wood's Dune RIdes

In the middle of the ride, we stopped over on the shore for some photo shoot. Look at that blue body of water that is unbelievably a lake but as big as a sea. I would have loved to dip my feet into the frigid water, but there was a freaking dead bird washed upon the shore. No, thank you.

Silver Lake State ParkSilver Lake State ParkAnd here’s the king and queen of Lake Michigan. Not exactly a Game of Thrones-looking throne but we fit right in, don’t we?

Mac Wood's Dune RidesAnd now let’s head on over to an iconic tower in Silver Lake! Sable Point Lighthouse!




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