Little Sable Point Lighthouse on Lake Michigan

The Little Sable Point Lighthouse is a captivating structure from the 1870s that can make you stare at it open-mouthed for hours on end. After taking a spin on the sand dunes, drive south on Silver Lake Road until you find the N. Lighthouse Drive, and go a mile more. The 108-foot lighthouse can’t be too hard to miss!

Little Sable Pointe LighthouseOur license plate didn’t come with a State Park pass but that was easily taken care of by simply purchasing the pass for only $11. Besides the lighthouse, this gives us free access to all the other state parks in Michigan!

Little Sable Pointe Lighthouse

To enter the Little Sable Point Lighthouse and climb its 139 steps for a panoramic view of Lake Michigan, a $3 entrance fee is required. Not that we were being cheapskates, but we were satisfied in just taking in the breathtaking view of the lake and feeling the soft touch of the breeze on our face. Little Sable Pointe Lighthouse

People were in their bathing suits and getting a tan. Children were running carefree up and down the sandy hills. I wished we brought a picnic blanket and our swimsuits just to lounge on the precious beach and enjoy the sun.

Little Sable Pointe Lighthouse

Little Sable Pointe Lighthouse

It was a perfect way to end the day before we headed back to the Timberlake Resort Campground. I couldn’t help but make a silent decision to make sure to visit all the lighthouses in Michigan! They are not as tall as the skyscrapers in Singapore, and for some, lighthouses come in dimes. But there’s something about how they have stood there for years watching over the water, while time, people, and things pass them by. Too much? Okay, I’ll shut up now. 🙂Little Sable Pointe Lighthouse



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