A Speedy Boat Ride on Lake Michigan

It was not fair to be this close to Lake Michigan without even experiencing the water. Luckily for us, the Grumpy Old Man saved the day and allowed us to feel the magic of one of the Great Lakes around the state.

fishing boat on lake michigan

Please meet the Grumpy Old Man, whose name is obviously referring to Grandpa Pat Fleser. The men took out this boat as early as 4 am to go fishing, back to the campground around noon, and off again to their favorite hobby at dusk. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t have any great catch for two days until the last day after Kyle and I had left. I guess we had been giving them bad luck!

pentwater lighthouse on lake michigan

We sailed off from a dock in Pentwater, and we glided smoothly along the pier and the lakehouses with the deep blue sky as the gorgeous ceiling. It was a perfect sunny day for boating, and it felt as if our vacation just started.

This was on the Pentwater channel that would connect us to Lake Michigan. We were going at a very slow speed here to avoid causing a wake (waves). After we’ve crossed the channel, however, it was a totally different story. Craig floored it (if there was such a thing on a boat) and all I could do was pray and hang on tight. I wasn’t sure how fast we were going but I swear I thought the boat was gonna break. Craig laughingly asked me if I wanted to try driving the boat. Umm, no.

Interesting Facts About Lake Michigan

I know I’ve always said Lake Michigan is so big it doesn’t look like a lake. Well, it’s true! Out of the five Great Lakes in the United States, four of them surround Michigan. And the third largest out of the five is Lake Michigan with 22,300 square miles of water surface area.

pentwater lake michigan Mike and Brenda waving at us!

Like the sea, it contains numerous islands like the North and South Manitou Islands and the Beaver Island archipelago. Hopefully, we’ll get to explore these islands one day! We were this close to the Manitou Islands when we went to Leland but it would be a day trip and we didn’t have the time.

About four dozen lighthouses are found on the beaches of Lake Michigan. They are remnants of the booming shipping industry many centuries ago. So far, we have seen a grand total of ONE–the Little Sable Point Lighthouse. Kyle says we have lots of work to do. 😉

After the boat ride, Kyle and I finally thought to ourselves that our Pentwater-Silver Lake trip was complete. We got to spend Memorial weekend with family, and most especially, I had the chance to talk to Brenda about some personal stuff and realized we have a lot in common! Anyway, we are very thankful to have been invited and we’ll never forget the special time we had!


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