My First Shopping Experience with Dubli

Online shopping is not new to me but is. First of all, Dubli is an online shopping portal that offers cashbacks when you use it as the gateway to literally thousands of online retailers. Today I got a chance to utilize its benefits when I rented a Science textbook for one of Kyle’s classes in Fall.

Since I don’t like to be misled with false promotions and pretend discounts, I made sure to check TONS of online bookstores first before making the purchase. is my favorite and have made a lot of transactions with it for the past year. Amazon offers the book I’m looking to rent for $26 with free two-way shipping. Unfortunately, Amazon is not affiliated with Dubli. But at least I now have a benchmark of $26 plus taxes.

Now it’s time to use Dubli.

Like Amazon, Dubli has a wide range of affiliated stores from Auto & Motorcycles to Toys, Children & Baby. I clicked on the Books, Music & Movies category to view the list of online bookstores and they have what seemed like scores and scores of stores. I know some people (like me) hate having too many options because it just derails the purpose of a smooth online transaction when you have to go through so many websites with different lay-outs and promotions.

online shopping with dubli

I refuse to get sucked into that merry-go-round of stores that will just confuse me. I know what I want. Less than $26, free shipping, and an end-of-semester return date.

I clicked on the websites that mainly sell textbooks and started my book search. Since I already knew the ISBN of the textbook I’m looking for (thanks, Amazon), I just copy-pasted that into the Search field and just hit Enter. Did it take me long? No. I’m an impatient web user, so if the interface was not up to par to my standards, I leave. I must have gone through fewer than 10 websites when I found the ONE. $24. Free two-way shipping. Return date of December 19, 2014. Cheaper than Amazon. Good. And since I entered the site using Dubli, I get some cashback.

There are different cashback percentages, but with, my cashback as a VIP member is 10.6%. For Free members, they get 4.6%, while Premium members 8.6%.


Now it’s time to check out the book. I quickly entered name, address, and credit card and I was done. And since there are still a few weeks left before Fall semester starts, I chose the free standard shipping. A few more clicks and the deal is done. I can transfer all the money I saved to PayPal or to my bank account, and it’s mine without any holding period. Good.

get cashback from

This screenshot shows my cashback of $9.04 (Regular Cashback of $3.04 + Membership Cashback of $6). From, I received a total of $2.35 cashback since I’m a VIP member. After a few days, I made another purchase at and gained $6.68 more. The terms Regular Cashback and Membership Cashback might confuse you. Regular is if you have a free subscription, and Membership is either a Premium ($4.95/month) or a VIP ($99/year). Premium and VIP members receive more cashback than the free Regular subscription. They do cost money but I know I can get it back since I frequently shop online anyway.

shopping on

By the way, I chose to buy/rent textbooks online since I realized that this East Lansing bookstore has been inflating prices so much that I vowed to look for more options from here on out. College textbooks here in the U.S. is definitely way, way more expensive and if I could save a few dollars here and there, they would eventually end up a lot. Besides, I do a lot of online shopping anyway, so it won’t hurt to use Dubli AT ALL.


This post is entirely from my own buying experience and I was not paid to write this by or any of their affiliates. If you do decide to sign up, you can use my referral link below.

Referral Link:

Let me know if you need help signing up or shopping here. Is it legit? Yes! It’s only a portal to other shopping websites like Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Sephora, and more! You still purchase the items on your selected store, not from Dubli. And if I’m going to shop online anyway, I might as well earn some cashback!

Have you tried Dubli? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments section below!


2 thoughts on “My First Shopping Experience with Dubli

  1. Hi Andrea, thanks for sharing your experience. I just wanted to let you know that Dubli now includes Amazon in their portal.

  2. I tested a week ago. Bought two video games from Best Buy. It showed up into my Dubli account. Just have to wait for my due process until I can cash out, since it takes a month or two. The store wants to make sure that I actually will keep the games and not refund it back. Makes sense.

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